Reviews of the Top 10 Dog Dematting Tools for 2022

November 22, 2022

Even seasoned pet owners these days may find searching for anything pet-related to be a major task. It may be preferable to seek assistance while trying to locate a necessary instrument, such as a de-matting tool.

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We frequently test out and evaluate these gadgets for our own advantage because we have a few dogs in our home who are prone to tangles. By examining ten different brands, you can compare them to discover which ones you like and need in a dog de-matting tool, and we hope that this will help you find the best equipment for your pet.

To help you shop with greater knowledge, we’ve also included a buyer’s guide for dog de-matting tools in which we examine how various tools operate in detail. To help you make an informed purchase, please read on for our in-depth reviews of each brand of dog de-matting tools, where we compare type, safety, blades, and durability.

The 10 Best Dog Dematting Tools

1.RUBOLD Dematting Tool – Best Overall

de-matting comb

Our pick for the best overall dog de-matting tool is the RUBOLD RUB001 Dematting Tool. The blades of this tool’s double-sided head are rounded. The rounded blades won’t prick or scratch your pet’s skin as they glide over it gently. One side of the extra-wide head has 90 wider-spaced teeth for cutting through thicker knots and tangles. For rapid thinning and de-shedding, the second side has seventeen teeth that are closer together and spaced apart.

We were impressed with how quickly it untangles tangles and removes hair while reviewing this equipment. The rounded edges of this instrument include blades on the inside, so it does some cutting in addition to being a comb. We discovered that if we were negligent or attempted to move.too quickly, though, it would result in pulling our dog’s hair.

2.Pet Republique Dog Dematting Tool – Best Value

dematting tool

Our pick for the best value dog de-matting tool is the Pet Republique Dog Dematting Tool. We have various reasons to think that this is, despite its modest price, the greatest dog de-matting equipment available. It has a two-sided head with teeth that are spaced differently on each side. The blades’ rounded edges prevent scraping and injury to your pet. The other side features twenty-three blades to speed up grooming while the other side has twelve teeth for larger tangles and matting. Additionally, 15% of all sales at Pet Republic are donated to the Animal Rescue Society.

This de-matting tool is comparable to our top pick and performs nearly as well. The closer blades did have a tendency to tug our dog’s hair more often than the other tool, however. Despite this, we think this is the best dematting tool for the money on the market today.

GoPets Dematting Comb – Premium Choice

dematting too

Our top pick for a dog de-matting tool is the GoPets FBA TP111R Dematting Comb. Even though this comb is more expensive than many others on this list, you can count on it to be a long-lasting, high-quality de-matting tool. The two-sided head of this comb has twenty-three blades on one side and twelve blades on the other. Long grooming sessions are made much more pleasant by the large handle’s gel covering, which is incredibly comfy.

This tool’s drawback is that it is somewhat expensive. Additionally, compared to our top two picks, it’s a touch narrower, which may increase the time you spend grooming. Since the head is smaller and the blades are closer together, caution is required to prevent pulling the hair on your pet if it gets clumped between the blades.

4.Safari W6116 De-Matting Comb

Safari W6116 De-Matting Comb

We tested out a smaller-sized de-matting comb called the Safari W6116 De-Matting Comb. Nine incredibly sharp blades on this tool may quickly cut through a bonded segment and separate it. The ergonomic handle makes it simple to maneuver the comb around your pet’s contours.

While examining this tool, we discovered three things. First, unless it’s a small dog or a cat, it’s used to remove a mat rather than groom the entire dog. It is inadequate for a huge area. Second, manual blade replacement is necessary for left-handed use. We were unable to remove the impossible-to-pull-out bolt required to change the blades. The third consideration is that the blades are like little knives. It’s easy to get cut while cleaning this tool, and it’s not something you want to leave lying around.

5.FURminator Adjustable Dematting

FURminator P-92922

One of the more well-known manufacturers of dog de-matting tools on this list is the FURminator P-92922 Adjustable Dematting Tool. The blades on this model are adjustable to fit hair of any length. Because of the ergonomic handle’s tight grip, extensive grooming sessions won’t cause your hand to cramp. Overall, the tool is incredibly robust, and the blades are sufficiently sharp but rounded to prevent poking or scraping your pet.

The adjustable blades were useful for ensuring the right length while we reviewed it, but they frequently grabbed and pulled the hair while we were working, necessitating a lot of concentration to prevent our pets from getting unhappy. Additionally, because of its narrowness, a larger you are going to spend a lot of time grooming with this

6.Hertzko Pet Dematting Tool Comb

Dematting Tool Comb

A two-sided head is a feature of the Hertzko Pet Dematting Tool Comb. Twelve teeth are on one side, while twenty-three are on the other. All of the blades have softened edges to prevent scratching your pet. In order to make the handle more comfortable to hold and to prevent slippage, it also has some rubber gripping on the sides.

This model’s drawback is that it frequently pulls on your pet’s hair, especially on the side with 23 blades. If the blades were a little bit sharper, we believe some of the hair-pulling may be reduced. Even the twelve-toothed side blades were lifeless in comparison to some of the other items on this list.

Pat Your Pet Dematting Comb


The Pat Your Pet Dematting Comb

is a de-matting tool of a bigger size. It has a two-sided head with 17 teeth on one side and 9 widely spaced teeth on the other. The handle is ergonomic and anti-slip for better control when grooming your pet. Additionally, a complimentary dog tag is included to help you avoid losing your pet.

The wide teeth and larger size of their tool were appealing to us, but we thought the blades were too dull and the hair was stuck to be removed. This comb might be too big to fit into your dog’s smaller sections if it is a smaller breed.

Poodle Pet Dog Dematting Tool

Dematting Tool

The four-inch-wide Poodle Pet Dog Dematting Tool has two rows of spherical metal bristles. Although the bristles are firm and won’t bend like soft bristles would, the comb won’t irritate your pet’s skin because of the rounded tip. We found the brush to be really sturdy, and we have no concerns about it lasting for a while.

The fact that this comb isn’t ideal for dogs with thick coats or those whose undercoats are severely matted is what we didn’t like about it. While it can remove some knots, this comb is unable to cut through thick mats or thin the coat.

LilPals Dog De-Matting Comb

LilPals Dog De-Matting Comb

A little comb with serrated edged stainless steel blades, the LilPals W6216 NCL00 Dog De-Matting Comb is ideal for de-matting and grooming small dogs and cats. With the help of the little blades, you may gently cut through tough knots without hurting your pet. If you’re left-handed, the blades may be turned around, and this feature also makes it possible to swap out damaged or worn-out blades.

After examining this comb, we believe that it is probably too small for the majority of people. Although it is incredibly sharp and effective with small knots, using it requires a certain technique that can be challenging to master, especially in the absence of instructions. Its diminutive size restricts its use to specific areas, and little dogs. Even simple grooming tasks require a lot of patience and time. We also frequently cut ourselves using this kind of comb, which is another issue.

10.Paws Pamper Dematting Comb

Paws Pamper Dematting Comb
Paws Pamper Dematting Comb

The last dog de-matting tool on our list is the Paws Pamper Dematting Comb. Similar to the previous brand, this de-matter has bigger blades. This variant has twelve rust-free stainless steel teeth. The edges of each blade are softened, and there is a handy spot for your thumb to rest while you work. Durable hard plastic serves as the handle.

The tiny handle made it easy for our hands to cramp up when grooming our dogs, and the very dull blades just served to tug our pet’s hair. Although it poked and pulled too much to be recommended, we liked that it was a little larger than some of the other brands with this style.

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