Choosing the Best Dog Dematting Tool: A Buyer’s Guide

November 22, 2022

Choosing the Best Dog Dematting Tool.

Undercoat Rake A shaving razor-like tool known as an undercoat rake has metal bristles or rounded blades in the place of the blades. This tool penetrates the undercoat to dislodge knots and mats, but if handled roughly, it could yank your dog’s hair. It enables you to apply firm pressure, which may be advantageous in some circumstances. However, it is simple to apply excessive pressure and accidentally force the metal bristles into your pet, scratching them.

Subcoat Comb

An undercoat comb looks like a little, handle-equipped handheld comb. These combs have razor-sharp, paper-thin teeth. The serrated edges of these blades can be used to cut through thick mats and knots. However, because they are so sharp and easy to cut, these tools can be very useful for getting rid of knots and mats.

Blades There are a few points to keep in mind about the blades, which are used in both types of de-matting equipment.


A dense mat can be broken up much more easily with sharper blades, but your instrument will become considerably more harmful for you and your pet.


An effective tool’s blade form is crucial. If it’s an undercoat rake, it ought to have rounded blades that will slide over your pet’s skin without causing any irritation. With this kind of equipment, the blade’s cutting edge is on the inside.

The blades of undercoat

combs are flat and pointed. These blades could be curved or serrated to aid in cutting through thick fur.


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our buyer’s guide and reviews of dog de-matting equipment. We maintain that our selection is the greatest overall. The RUBOLD RUB001 helps hasten the grooming process because it is exceptionally wide and has rounded blades. The Pet Republique Dog Dematting Tool, an undercoat rake with two heads for a more adaptable de-matting tool, is our pick for the best value dog de-matting tool. Additionally, a portion of the company’s earnings are donated to the Animal Rescue Society. We hope that we have assisted you in getting there, regardless of the brand you ultimately select. Please spread the word about these dog dematting tools on Twitter and Facebook.

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